Traditional libraries versus online libraries
traditional libraries versus online libraries
traditional libraries versus online libraries

Are traditional libraries becoming obsolete? Comparing traditional libraries with online libraries.

For users who don’t know how to use them, the traditional libraries can pose a challenge as they may have to search every cabinet and scan numerous pages of many publications just to find what they are looking for. This is the reason why most of the library clientèle nowadays prefer to use the Internet than to read from the library. This article compares traditional libraries with online libraries as a source of information.

The Internet, however, is much preferred by the majority because it is just a click away

Some people have a mind-set that the traditional library is a boring place, but they don’t comprehend the significance and the actualization of learning that it provides. A user can see and read actual hard copies of print books, fiction works and even latest magazines and journals.

The Internet however is much preferred by the majority of readers because materials are just a click away. With the Internet, there are no more separate print books and journals/magazines to interpret, nor other devices for audio and visual materials to watch or listen.

No more spending time walking along aisles of book shelves nor searching on manual card catalogs. All you need is a computer set and an Internet connection to access the much needed information.

Promptness, reliability, effectiveness and efficiency; these are some of the benefits of the current modern technology that we embrace and may want to experience and apply for our learning today. The internet and likes. It has made searching for information easier and convenient. It has also made studying effortless.

Traditional libraries could become empty rooms because of the widespread usage of the Internet from day to day. The question is, could this mean that nowadays Internet use is the only reliable tool or source we can depend on for learning? Or do children of today appreciate the significance of the library?

As much as the Internet could make studying much easier, it may also make one lazier. Students, without much effort, may just click away through the search engines and answers will pop out instantly. We could be losing the value for learning. Traditional libraries, on the other hand, encourage hard work.

In some instances, the Internet may just show pictures of books, titles, subjects or excerpts from novels. These are some of the reasons why the web still cannot replace the worth of the library. We can still rely on the solid information from library books.

The library is particularly reliable and very efficient when used for research purposes.

On the whole, the traditional library still weighs heavier than the Internet. It is the value of knowledge that is significant and not the number of words you may know or the questions you can answer.

How well you perform is what is critical, not how fast you find the answers. This is the real and actual learning we could acquire from a library. Learners should still be encouraged to learn how to use a library particularly for learning and research.

Online or Internet libraries are becoming more and more popular, forcing educators and governments all over the world to explore the possibility of establishing and funding public and national libraries on the Internet.

Many countries now have their own versions of online libraries and book sharing campaigns. Examples include South Africa, the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, India, Philippines just to mention a few.

The trend today in the learning resources front is towards online based reading and reference materials. This has partly been boosted by developments in the information communication technology field and demands by readers for a convenient method of accessing such materials.

Although the physical libraries as we know them today are still expected to influence the reading culture, more and more readers are expected to rely on the online libraries to supplement their need for reading and reference materials.

Entrepreneurs need to seek business intelligence through both traditional libraries and online libraries.

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