How to stand out for your ideal employer

This article explores things you can do so that you can stand out for your ideal employer. Employers today are looking for extraordinary people to fill their ranks. Over 50,000 students graduate from universities every year. This has created a pool of graduates who vary in experience and motivation levels when applying for a job.

stand out for your ideal employer
stand out for your ideal employer

It has become increasingly important for employers to identify people who are the right fit for their organizations.

More emphasis is being put into acquiring raw talent that can be molded into the next generation of key personnel. This has made it increasingly difficult to stand out from the others and prove to be the red in a basket of all yellows.

You need to stand out as a potential hire from the moment you decide to apply for that job. Your history should make you the best choice to fill that position. What you have done in your past determines whether you are the right fit. Your experience, no matter how trivial, sets you apart as a valuable hire.

Employers have come up with new methods to identify people who are the right fit for their organizations. They now subject their potential hires to non-academic tests that are aimed at identifying qualities that are common in the people they need in their organization.

Some of these qualities can be seen in a person’s ability to: work comfortably in a team, be disruptive in a positive way, think critically, show independence in thought, and react appropriately to different work circumstances.

The best place to start is while you are still enrolled as a student. You need to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by being in a learning institution. The learning opportunities are not limited to the classroom.

You can add a lot of useful skills from volunteering, joining networking organizations and entrepreneurship. Also, be active and vocal about the things you are passionate about.

If you have already graduated and haven’t secured your ideal job within a year, then you could consider working for a start-up or small business. The thinking behind this is that small businesses offer you the most practical on the job experience.

Furthermore, you will be engaged at a higher level than at any medium size or large organizations. Working at a small business gives you the exposure that employers look for in experienced hires. This knowledge and experience might also help you to stand out for your ideal employer.

In every work opportunity that you are presented with, no matter how small, you should ask yourself, “Am I adding value to the organization?” How much value you add is the next question.

As long as you give each opportunity your best, then it will show in how you present yourself when you are presented with the opportunity to stand out for promotion or as a potential hire in your ideal employer. Every decision you take should go to increasing your value in the eyes of those around you.

How exactly do you stand out for your ideal employer from the thousands of fresh graduates out there?

You can build the qualities that are attractive to your ideal employer by doing the following:

  1. Volunteer

In whatever situation you find yourself in, be the first to volunteer. Be the first to raise your hand when a question is asked. Be the one person who people can rely on to assist. Be the one who says, “Yes” when no one else will commit. Indeed, this will help you stand out for your ideal employer.

  1. Pursue mentorship opportunities

Find helpful individuals who are genuinely interested in seeing you grow. They come from all facets of life and it is up to you to decide who you want on your team.

  1. Be curious

Read not only about economics but also sports and fashion. Having an interest in various topics makes you knowledgeable on a lot of things. In conversation, you will never be at a loss for what to say. The world is your playground, understand how the swing works.

It also helps if you get to know more about your ideal employer’s recruitment procedures. You should anticipate the tests that they give potential hires and prepare accordingly.

  1. Start working early

If you want to stand out for your ideal employer, start working early. Indeed, work opportunities present themselves every day. You need to know how to find work that you can pour your heart into. For a start, you should not mind working for minimal or no pay. Work with your university lecturers as a research assistant. Work at a start-up. In whatever you do, work towards achieving your goals.

  1. Be an entrepreneur

You need to think business and not just your future desk job. Entrepreneurs are sought after by organizations because of their ability to bring in business. This is true for most managerial jobs.

Also, think big and think wide in your job search. Sometimes all you need to do is ask for your ideal job. You need to get creative in how you approach potential employers. Just declaring your interest in working for them could get them interested in you.

You should be your own person, not the person you are meant to serve as. Employers may get you into an entry level job just so that they can decide where your skills will be most useful. You should use this as an opportunity to prove that you are a valuable addition.

  1. Let your passion guide your decisions

Passion is not just what you like doing. Passion is what guides your everyday living. Passion comes naturally. It’s easier to do something you are naturally good at. Eliminate from your to-do list what you don’t enjoy – it’s not worth your extra effort. You need to know your strengths and work towards making them more pronounced.

  1. Be the person you aspire to be

See yourself as the successful, experienced and much sought after professional you want to be. You can start by making good habits a habit. Fake being the person you want to be. Be who you want to be starting now if you want to stand out for your ideal employer.

  1. Be the average of your ideal employer

The organizations you want to work for participate in career fairs where you get to interact with some of their employees. This allows you to get a feel of the kind of people they want to work with. You can be this person by surrounding yourself with people who motivate and encourage you. In identifying an employer who doubles as your growth partner, join an organization that encourages your growth and fuels your thinking.

  1. Show initiative and ambition

Contributing to conversations around you will also help you stand out for your ideal employer. Get on social and print media and make your opinion count. You can lend your voice to issues that matter to you in a way that builds your communication skills and awareness.

Go the extra mile in all assignments that are presented to you. This allows you to learn and interact more and goes into showing you are driven and enthusiastic in your job.

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