How to Hire and Retain a Happy Workforce

There are certain basics necessary to hire and retain a happy workforce. To achieve its goals, a firm should ensure that it attracts, hires and retains a satisfied lot of employees. Two of these basics center on the interview and the workplace as discussed below:

The Interview 

If you want to hire and retain a happy workforce, it all begins at the interview. First of all, you have to market your business well so that potential employees can have a sneak peek at what to expect.

Note that people tend to be drawn to employers who provide an opportunity for career growth in addition to other benefits.

Take note of the physical appearance of the interviewee as it can offer you with an idea of how the individual conducts themselves.

Also during the interview or marketing of the business ensure there is no discrimination – no one would want to come to a company where they will fail to get a job based on their gender, race, religion or tribal affiliation.

Robert M. Teeter “Diversity is not a slogan – it’s a reality when you’re hiring people everywhere.”

Be ready to get all types of job seekers but alert to notice the cream of them all.

The Work Place

As an employer, you have to do several things to ensure that you retain a happy workforce. Once you have attracted the top cream for the jobs, ensure you keep them by following these simple rules among others:

Hiring and Retaining a Happy Workforce is Key
Hiring and Retaining a Happy Workforce is Key

Create compensation plans and benefit packages

Have a good plan of payment to employees as per the provisions of the law with regards to injuries and disabilities incurred in the course of employment.

In the past this was not mandatory but now every employer is expected to do so.

Fringe benefits as they may be commonly known help not only to keep your employees happy but they also aid in offsetting wage demands. This goes a long way in retaining a happy workforce.

Beneficial packages may include:

  • Higher shift differentials
  • More paid holidays
  • Longer vacation allowances
  • Larger employer (company) contributions to health and welfare funds.

Provide a safe and conducive environment to work in

If you want to hire and retain a happy workforce, you need to assure potential employees that your work environment is safe and conducive.

It is a known fact that workers who find it hard to function properly in the office are less productive. Ensure the work place is safe from hazards such as protruding objects. The orientation of the work place should not hinder free movement.

Consider the natural elements such as sunlight and rain when setting up a work place. Industrial workers should be provided with proper equipment to work in such environs.

Avoid use of faulty machinery and ensure the business environment is situated in a secure area. Hire security personnel to maintain safety for both the people and investment.

Manage conflict at work

It is natural for people to differ but it is how the misunderstanding is resolved that counts. If you want to hire and retain a happy workforce, you should understand that conflicts will always arise because of issues such as discrimination or uneven work distribution.

Ethnicity, gender or relationships do not matter in business so ensure no favoritism encroaches on your enterprise.

Make it clear to all departmental managers that even in hierarchy people can be equal as thinkers if you want to retain a happy workforce.

Set up measures to curb ill treatment of others, especially female workers. In managing conflict between two parties, don’t be partial to one side instead hear both and judge fairly. Write up a code of conduct that employees should adhere to so as to create order and organization

Provide training

This not only helps to encourage productivity among workers, but also helps to hire and retain a happy workforce. It also improves efficiency and brings about self-satisfaction.

In training camps the employee can interact with others and boost their self-esteem. If one feels good about himself he/she will give better output at work.

Also during training, you can show the employee how you expect things to be done thus gradually attain perfection. Good workers will stay on with your business if they see an opportunity to grow career wise in their field.


So how do you hire and retain a happy workforce? I hope I have provided you with insight on how you can attract employees and keep them satisfied with the job.

Employee turnover is a problem for many companies and seriously hurts business. Thus the task of finding and retaining good employees is critical to the success of any business.

During the interview, the employer should make the employee understand what the company expects from them and seek to understand whether the interviewee is willing to do so.

Once the interviewee is hired, the employer should ensure that they appreciate and recognize the efforts of the new employee in the workplace.

This is my crack code for hiring and retaining a happy workforce.

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