Overcoming rejection in your career – Tips

Easy ways of overcoming rejection in your career

Overcoming rejection in your career can be difficult because it makes you feel like you do not know anything. It lowers your self-esteem and worse still it may spoil the whole of your day or even the rest of your stay in the organization.

Have you ever stepped into your workplace feeling so positive, energetic and with great aspiration, only to be turned down by some of the people you work with? This feeling of rejection makes you feel weak and it hurts so much.

Disappointment is one thing none of us would wish to experience. Everyone has an invisible sign saying “make me feel important.” This is a fact all of us should never forget when dealing with people.

What we should remember is that it will always be part of life especially when working with people.

It is not everyone who will always accept what you do. This means that overcoming rejection in your career should be something you should be able to do.

We will always have a character or two that will always be seeing you as a waste of time. I have experienced it not once and not twice. I am sure you have experienced it a number of times.

A case study of rejection in a career

After weeks of hard work and determination, my friend had now completed the given assignment. This was not just an easy task, but he had tried the best he could to make it complete. All the necessary workings had been done and what remained was the approval of the boss.

He positively stepped into the manager’s office with his files. He was ushered into a seat as the manager went through the file to see what he had done. “You said this has taken you two weeks to complete?” The manager asked him. “Yes it has taken me two weeks.” He answered with a smile.

The weight of the job could not have allowed him to take a shorter period than that. “My friend you have done nothing.” The manager told him. “You said you have some prior experience on this, furthermore you are a graduate. Presenting to me this kind of work is just a mere joke.”

My friend had always been a strong guy. He had worked in more challenging environments. These were just strong words that hurt so much. The work that had consumed so much of his time and energy was all going to waste.

Indeed, overcoming rejection in your career is a task that needs commitment.

Furthermore the manager handed back the files to him not even telling him which areas needed correction. His efforts to ask for an explanation on what to amend were turned down.

He was left gazing at the boss who was now busy doing other “important” tasks for the organization. Welled up with tears he stepped out of the office not knowing the step to take next.

This is just an example of the rejections we face in our careers. Disappointments vary from situation to situation.

Common rejections in careers

  • Not receiving an applied promotion.
  • Being publicly criticized and blamed for errors.
  • Not being assigned a project of desire.
  • Being turned down for a date by that attractive colleague.
  • Facing a cold shoulder from your co -workers.
  • Boss’ rejection.

Once you encounter this kind of a situation, you may not control anger and the feelings of unhappiness. It is tough at any age. You have even seen children cry when they are rejected. The fact is, you may never know what made this kind of a situation happen to you.

Overcoming rejection in your career may not always be so easy. For you to perform in your career you always have to act as if nothing happened. Motivate yourself and remind yourself that you still shine despite the ugliness in attitude from those who reject you.

Tips for Overcoming rejection in your career

The following are some of the steps you can take to overcome it.

  1. Gather up courage

Remain positive. Say it happens. You are not the first to face it. Furthermore man is born with the attitude to bias. You have even seen children prefer one parent over the other.

  1. Manage your emotions

This is not the time to shout, cry or even remain sad. Look for an activity that can control your disappointment.

overcoming rejection in your career
Manage your emotions when overcoming rejection in your career


  1. Learn from the disappointment

Do not hate yourself or even hate the one who caused the disappointment. Learn from it. Look for the positive and move on. Hating will only make the situation worse. Remember that in most of the situations you are the party in need and may be your main aim is to obtain the best from your career.

If you hate you will only be seeing the bad side of the other party and you may never grow. This way, overcoming rejection in your career will be tough and challenging for you.

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  1. Develop from the feedback you received

Lay strategies on how you are going to positively take an action from the feedback you received. At times you have to assume that you knew nothing and maybe that’s why you failed.

Remind yourself that you will not repeat the same mistake again if that is what is causing you lack of happiness in your career.

  1. Let them know you are improving yourself

They will help you in the journey if they are positive enough. Else they will feel shy of doing it again to you or to any other person. Seek assistance from them instead of just keeping quiet. Be ready to listen to their advice and improve on the areas they point out.

  1. Avoid excuses

Excuses prevent you from positive improvement. Stop justifying yourself and move on. This also helps you avoid the problem of self-criticizing.

  1. Do not complain too much

Complaining will not heal the pain. Complaints help you just see the negative. Accept the truth that God can use your hurt to help others.

Aren’t these easy ways of overcoming rejection in your career?


Never let rejection tamper with your growth again. If someone makes you feel so worthless today, just remain silent. Smile if you can –furthermore no one can ever do it for you. Remain positive and silently remind God to see the desire of career excellence in your heart. Work hard to improve your performance.

Overcoming rejection in your career might be difficult but it should not take you long if you follow the steps discussed on this article.

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