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Research paper

I need a 20 pages research paper talking about my career project which is “the evolution of the Media(film,radio,music) once I pay the down payment I’ll send a power point where I have a short...


 Due in 36 hours. No Plagiarism. 5 pagesRead the Blue Ocean Shift.  Critique the book using your thoughts and research that you have done that has taken place since the publication of...

future plan paper

This paper will consist of 3 written pages of narrative (1 single-spaced written page for each year) and 3 SWOT analyses (1 worksheet for each year). More detail information is in the file. Thank...

strategic management

summary of chapter 1; 12 pages and summary of chapter 2 using Bloom’s taxonomy; apply, analyse and evaluate; 13 pages. 25 pages for both papers. I will send you the textbook used for the...

Advance research (IT)

prepare concept matrix for the given topicits advance research related to literature reviewtopic is cyber security: data integrity threats to organizations.I have attached the full review of the...

Trends In Globalization

Read the assigned articles and reflect upon the historical and recent trends in globalization. What does the future hold for global organizations? What are the major opportunities and challenges...

soc 450 wk 4

 Briefly, what non-renewable natural resources are most at risk of depletion?Discuss some sustainable development models that have broad applicability to the needs and consumption demands of...


 Discuss what you believe to be the three greatest difficulties that USA is currently facing as country  due to covid 19 and explain in detailed why you feel that way? 

Topic 6 DQ 4

 Compare one of your spiritual traditions with that in another faith tradition. How will understanding one’s own spiritual traditions help you to provide care for others?

TEMCO Logistics Discussion

Regarding our TEMCO virtual tour, discuss what information was of value to you. Ignore the first 2-3 min of the talk.I have uploaded the video file.


Need computer work done by tomorrow you have to login to my school account to see it. Microsoft and excel project . There are 7 assignments. 

Writing Help

*100% guaranteed no plagiarism *Please carefully read attached instructions before excepting the assignment*Please use the rubrics as a guide to meet the criteria for the paper

Unit 6 DQ

Discuss the role of policy analysis in policy modification. Include a description of a federal agency that supports policymaking through policy analysis.Word count; 150 words

HRD Comprehensive Essay

Essay questions Critically evaluate THREE of the following payment systems  Individual performance-related pay (merit pay)  Time-based pay Skills-based pay  Team-based pay(30...

Python Program

  In this assignment, you need to write two complete python programs that will allow two players to play the game of network tic-tac-toe.  

Help me

 Analyze and explain a successful organization’s structures and  conditions that facilitated creativity and innovation. What structures  inhibited creativity and innovation?...


 look up and showcase a visual timeline with written commentary  on the history of network and viral related transgressions.  2-3 references and 2-3 pages 

LW Assignment (Due in 3 day)

-> Please download attachment (It’s size 22 mb, bcoz attached few study ppt) & follow all instruction of my notes & Application format

software methadology (IT)

prepare a report on the given topictopic :  Testing and Quality Assurance in SDLC Models details are attached in the fileplease follow the instructions

Discussion 5

 If the two totals of a trial balance are equal, does it mean that there are no errors in the accounting records? Explain. 

Topic 6 DQ 3

 How would your practices contribute to your success as a caregiver? What could you do to improve the care you give yourself? 

verbal irony

I need a 500 word paper on how book authors use verbal ironies which can sometimes be misinterpreted by the reader.

Literary Analysis Essay on Robert Frost

Howdy, looking for some help with a literary analysis essay on Robert Frost’s poem, “Mending Wall”. Nothing fancy, 3ish pages, double-spaced. 

Reading Response

Need 1 full-page response to demonstrate knowledge of the article.In short, prove you read it and understood it.   Not required bibliography. 

Software Engineering Methodologies

software testing   Software Quality TestingIntroduction to Software Testing Is Testing a Technical role Project And Product Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control QC...

Argument Essay

Guidelines for Essay #3 – Argument Argument Essay AssignmentAssignment DescriptionFor this essay, you should choose a topic from the Gale resource on Opposing Viewpoints (see below) and write...

Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

 Post a 300- to 500-word response in which you address the following:Provide the full DSM-5 diagnosis for the client. Remember, a full diagnosis should include the name of the disorder,...

Project for Sociology class

White Collar CrimesPreparationTo get ready for the assignment this week, please read the  Sociology Essay Overview  Sociology Essay Overview – Alternative Formats  .  ....

Assignment 5: Household Budget

It’s easy to get smarter about your money when you have a head start.  In this assignment, you will use Excel to create a household budget to help maintain control over your finances...


 M6A1: Case Analysis – Arbitration DecisionAcme Manufacturing Company Case & United Machine WorkersDescription of the Situation:Production workers at Acme Manufacturing Company are...

Assignment: Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can plague both males and females, and they generally have different unattainable physical appearance-related goals. Males may feel the need to develop large muscles and are more...

Deliver the following:

Personal Selling Process: Direct Selling of the Mary Kay® Lip ProtectorLearning Objectives.  To have students engage in a segment of the personal selling process known as direct selling to...