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Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs)

Introduction to Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) In today’s world of e-transactions where hard copies are an exception rather than the rule, it becomes necessary to use computer-assisted audit techniques (CAATs) in various audits. The selection of the audit sample and the substantive procedures that an auditor performs while conducting an audit of various types of … Continue reading Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs)

The ‘you-attitude’ – when and how to use it

Introducing the ‘you-attitude’ Without staff, it would be impossible to accomplish organizational goals. How about businesses? How would they be without customers, the people who buy goods and services? Without them, people would not have a job or the money to take care of themselves and their families. A happy customer tells 5 friends, but … Continue reading The ‘you-attitude’ – when and how to use it

Mergers and Acquisitions – How businesses are valued

Definition of mergers and acquisitions A merger refers to a combination of two firms which are almost equally strong. On combining, the two firms lose their original identity to form a completely new entity. In a takeover situation, the firm being acquired loses identity while the acquiring firm maintains its identity. The acquiring firm is … Continue reading Mergers and Acquisitions – How businesses are valued

Business intelligence and why it is important

Definition and overview of business intelligence Business intelligence is the process of acquiring high quality information about a particular subject matter being researched on, to enable individuals analyze the information and draw conclusions or make assumptions. Others define business intelligence as the use of technology to collect and effectively use the information to improve business … Continue reading Business intelligence and why it is important

Business Clusters and Why They Are Important

Definition of business clusters Business clusters are a set of interrelated, specialized business enterprises that exploit geo-economics that is, interrelated businesses networked and consolidated in a single location. A set of companies providing the same services are located in the same area, street, city or business blocks. Sectoral business clusters are the most common type … Continue reading Business Clusters and Why They Are Important

Business incubators and their importance

Definition of business incubators Business incubators are systems and sets of resources that are designed to conceptualize, nurture, accelerate, cushion, support and promote development as well as growth of a business enterprise/idea by minimizing failure rates, facilitating initialization, offering financing and knowledge to such enterprises for a period of time either for profit or no … Continue reading Business incubators and their importance