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Writting an essay about romeo and juliet

Writting an essay about romeo and juliet


You can learn more about revising your essay effectively by reading this knowledge article.

Use this checklist to revise your essay.


Does the essay’s first paragraph include a clear and concise main idea that is stated in a thesis statement?
 Is your introduction interesting and engaging? Does it create interest in the topic and make your audience want to read on? 

 Body and Conclusion 

 Is there a clear plan and sense of organization to the essay? 

 Have you included examples from the play to support the claims in the essay? 

 Is each paragraph developed logically, and does it clearly relate to the main claims of the essay? 

 Is the main point of each paragraph clear in the essay? 

 Does the main claim emphasized in the conclusion provide a sense of completeness? 

 General Fine-Tuning 

 Is each point adequately and clearly defined in a topic sentence and supported with specific details using clear and precise language? 

 Does the essay maintain a consistent tone with clear transitions from one paragraph to the next? 

 Do the lengths and structures of sentences vary enough within paragraphs? 

 Could any of the sentences be improved by combining or restructuring them? 

 Is there repetition of ideas, sentences, and words that you can avoid? 

 Did you use a dictionary to check the spellings of words that you are unsure of? 

 Did you check that sentences are grammatically correct and don’t contain tense shifts? 

Part B

Type or paste your final essay here.