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World History 8Grade

World History 8Grade


Complete the following study guide (either on word or on paper, your choice) by answering the questions. 

Mid – Year Study Guide Egypt

  1. Which river(s) did Ancient Egypt begin settling near?
  2. What was unique about this river?
  3. What was the written language of the Egyptians called? Describe it.
  4. What invention(s)/accomplishment(s) came out of Egypt that are still used today?
  5. Egyptian religion was centered around what?
  6. Describe the Mummification process.
  7. Explain how Ancient Egyptian government was. Who was in charge, what was the social hierarchy?
  8. Describe the three kingdoms of Egypt; Old, Middle, New Mesopotamia
  9. Which river(s) did Ancient Mesopotamia begin settling near?
  10. What was the first civilization to emerge?
  11. What are the five characteristics of a civilization?
  12. What was the written language of the Mesopotamians called? Describe it.
  13. What was the unique nickname of Mesopotamia?
  14. What is an epic? Whose story was the Mesopotamian epic about?
  15. What invention(s)/accomplishment(s) came out of Mesopotamia?
  16. Describe the difference between Polytheism and Monotheism. Which was Mesopotamia? Israelites
  17. What region were the Israelites located in?
  18. What was the name of the promised land and why was it called the promised land?
  19. What is the sabbath?
  20. What are prophets? Who were, if any, prophets of the Israelites?
  21. What is the Israelite religion? Was it Polytheistic or Monotheistic?
  22. Describe the Maccabeus revolt.
  23. Define diaspora and how it relates to the Israelites
  24. Describe the Ten commandments Geography
  25. What is a continent?
  26. How many continents are there?
  27. What are the continents?
  28. How many Oceans are there?
  29. What are the Oceans?
  30. What is the Equator? The Prime Meridian?
  31. What is Longitude and Latitude?
  32. What is the difference between Archipelago, Straits, Bay, Islands? Historical ID: For the following IDs answer the 5Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
  33. Hammurabi
  34. Moses
  35. Abraham
  36. David
  37. Solomon
  38. Hatshepsut
  39. Ramses II
  40. Menes
  41. Saul