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U4 course Project

U4 course Project

Unit 4 Course Project Submission

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  • Due Jan 17 by 11:59pm
  • Points 100
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This week you will finish working on the course project. For your project, you are required to prepare and submit the following financial statements for the Tybalt Company:

  • The income statement
  • The statement of owner’s equity
  • The balance sheet (using the given Adjusted Trial Balance)

Use the Microsoft Excel Project templatePreview the document, provided for you. Be sure to review the Project Overview page for complete project requirements.

Please note that your unit concept check assignments are designed to help you successfully complete your project.

Save and name your file using the following file naming convention: YourFirst_LastName_Project. Submit your file using the upload instructions below.

Your project is due at the end of unit 4.

Upload Instructions:

Select the Submit Assignment button to the right. Click Choose File, located in the File Upload box. Navigate to your file location. Once the file is located, select it and then select the Open button. Click Submit Assignment to complete the upload process.