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The Qualities of Leaders

The Qualities of Leaders

 Read the instructions carefully. 

You will need to: 

• Identify one leader you admire without naming the leader and his/her organization. 

• Write a brief description of the leader you identified, including the levels of power and influence that this leader achieved. 

• List and describe at least five qualities that you most associate with the leader. Within your response, include whether or not these qualities can be taught to an individual, are ‘born’ into an individual, or a combination of both. 

• Evaluate whether or not the power, influence, and qualities you described contribute to the leader’s effectiveness. 

Note: Be sure to justify your conclusions with examples from your experience, current events, or others that you know of as well as from the readings from the Learning Resources. 

No Plagiarism 

Citing Sources in APA style 7th edition 

* Please see & use any of reference material for resource