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Starbucks case

Starbucks case

For this case study, begin by watching “Starbucks CEO: I’m Going to Fix This,” located in the study materials.

Then, answer each of the following question in three to five sentences (combined answers should total 250-500 words):

  1. Was an ethical course of action followed by the store manager? By the CEO? Justify your response.
  2. What was the consequence of any unethical behavior?
  3. Where is servant leadership seen (if at all)? Where is it not seen?
  4. Which specific principles of servant leadership are seen (if any)?
  5. Would a true servant leader respond differently? Or is Johnson one?
  6. How might another type of leader respond?

View “Starbucks CEO: I’m Going to Fix This,” by CNN (2018), located on the YouTube website.