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Special Education


Assignment #1 Early Intervention Strategies Paper

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  • Due Jan 17 by 11:59pm
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  1. Early Intervention Strategies Paper (15 points)

The purpose of the presentation is to help classmates understand different types of intervention strategies for early intervention. Students will be expected to write a 5-7 page paper that is comprised of two parts. In Part I, the student will discuss the role of each of the following professionals that can comprise a treatment team in a maximum of 3 pages:

Developmental Teacher Occupational Therapist Physical Therapist Speech/Language Pathologist

Audiologist Vision Consultant Psychologist Pediatrician

Part II: Furthermore, each student will set up a site visit at a local agency or provider of services to young children and will spend some time observing a particular facility or program that cares for and provides services to infants and young children. The following list should be used to guide the observations. The student should summarize thefollowing information in at least 3 pages:

  • Name of the facility or program
  • Ages of the children served
  • History and philosophy of the facility or program
  • Structure of the facility or program (Co-Op, Pre-K, )
  • Services provided
  • Activities and routines in which the children engage
  • Adult to child ratio
  • Types of delays and disabilities of the children who attend this program
  • Family involvement
  • Type of setting: inclusive setting, provisions for inclusion
  • Curriculum used
  • Would you recommend this facility to a family with a child with a disability? Why or why not?