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Sociology quiz (4 questions)

Sociology quiz (4 questions)

1. Define the Sociological Imagination in your own words. Then explain how this concept can help us understand school shootings. Discuss one sociological concept that can also help us uncover complexities related to this problem from How School Shootings Spread | The New Yorker.pdf

 Be sure to include specific reference to the New Yorker article by Malcom Gladwell 

2. How can our understanding of school shootings benefit from a more expansive and interdisciplinary perspective? 

3. Using The Sociological Perspective _ Sociology.pdf , explain two central concepts of the sociology discipline in your own words. 

4. One of the disciplinary assumptions of sociology is that no individual is without influence from environmental and social factors, such as the economy, culture, etc.

answer this question with only 

True Or False

see links below for attached readings to answer quiz questions