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Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment

  • Assignment Requirements: Integration: One Piece of a Large Puzzle. 

Refer back to the Marseille Urban Planning Project article you read in the Week 1 Content folder within your course Documents and Resources. In this article, you can visually see how multiple departments came together using Esri’s CityEngine tool to create and implement an urban plan to restructure a city within a matter of months.

To complete this assignment, choose a large public works project, such as the construction of a new high school. For the public works project you can select any project – this could be a local project or a hypothetical situation (adding a city park, expanding a freeway, creating more housing, building a new commercial complex, adding a neighborhood school, building out a train system, etc.). 

Write a two page paper, using the newest APA formatting edition within a Microsoft Word Document, that identifies two phases that can be independent projects. Discuss each phase and discuss how each phase is an independent project and what makes them independent projects.  Specifically, state how each project meets the definition of a project, and describe the product, service, or result of each project, and why it is temporary.