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Research topic

Research topic

 Topic- Journal of Systems and Software 

This is a continuing assignment; you will be using this drop box until you and your faculty mentor approve your topic. 

In a 200-word document, describe your topic. Identify research in the area any models/theories developed in the area. Have you identified a cite problem/gap in this body of knowledge?

Are you considering doing a qualitative, quantitative, mixed method, project, etc., study, identify a possibly population to gather data from.

If you are a CPT student, please include the following as well:
Have you been issued CPT or are currently on CPT? If so what is your CPT code?

If you have a CPT code then:
Post your job description.Upload an official job description on company letterhead. Please copy/paste your current job responsibilities identify how your proposed topic in your discipline relates to the program goals and core courses. 

  • Once your mentor has approved your topic, you will use the below form to add all the components and submit to the school.