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Research paper

Research paper


Research Paper Assignment: Multiple Due Dates Covering Drafts and Finished Paper – See Syllabus!!

Prepare to do a deepish dive into subject areas for preparation of the CISSP. 

Short papers:  Explain, contrast or compare the subject – minimum 2500 words- this is a research paper so citations are required for all outside sources – ALSO REQUIRED: set up an appointment at the writing center in order to review your finished draft –

This paper should explain the relationship between hashes, asymmetrical cryptography and digital signatures – what are they, how are they are used, and what do they ALL do together (hint… its about securiing communications)- this means explain how they are ALL used in combination (with examples) and why they are important and effective?  What are some of the newest wasys this is accomplished ( e.g.TLS 1.3, Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman, etc…)This is an anlysis paper and not just a list of what they do, I expect analysis of the relationship between these security mechanisms and examples to support your analysis.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to text me – I am happy to help you

In these papers I want to hear your thoughts, but keep in mind I expect a thorough treatise and I want to see good writing – this means proper punctuation, grammar and the like.  Also remember to pick a citation method and learn it – cite anything that is not yours, this includes summary information and not just direct quotes – As Cyber professionals you will all have to write a LOT for your bosses- if you are not a great writer – GO to the writing center and have someone check your work- Ask a peer to read through your paper and critique it – BE PROACTIVE and you will be successful!!

** Please go to the short paper Rubric for all short paper requirements –


1.  Draft Outline Due 2/7/2021

2.   Research Paper Updated Outline Draft and intro paragraphs Due 2/21/2021

3.   Updated Research Paper Introduction (into paragraphs) Draft Due 3/14/021

4.  Finished Research Paper Due 4/4/2021