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Research Methods

Research Methods

Discuss a skill that you learned in this course, and explain how you can apply it to increase success in your career in a real-world scenario.

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”

Friendly reminder to begin your Discussion Initial Post as early in the week as possible. Waiting till the end of the Unit sacrifices your learning, sharing and communication with one another. 

Kindly address the discussion question(s) submitting a reflective response. Reflective defined is characterized by or manifesting careful thought : a thoughtful essay. occupied with or given to thought ; contemplative; meditative; reflective: in a thoughtful mood, careful, heedful, or mindful.


What an insightful post! You make some fascinating points that I completely agree with. The wealth of knowledge and information out there at our literal fingertips (Cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) is truly astonishing and downright mind-blowing when one sits and thinks on it. But as you said, this ability to access or create any and everything can lead to some drawbacks such as false, filtered or biased information. As you said this course helped me to be more critical of the information source and to properly vette these sources. Analyzing information is key for me and so many professionally and your role sounds as though this will apply as well.

I also like your mention of how previous research or investigations into topics can be useful for context or additional background on a subject. As a safety professional I constantly use information from safety agencies and newsletters to base decisions and the communicate my rationale to leadership across my organization. It sounds as though you got a ton out of this course as I did….especially good old excel and it’s capabilities.