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PL/SQL Database Homework questions

PL/SQL Database Homework questions


Case 1: Reviewing Oracle SQL Developer Documentation

In this course, you will use SQL Developer as the primary tool to write PL/SQL code. Hence, it is important for you to get familiar with the tool.

Visit OTN (Oracle Technology Network) web site or search on the net for “Oracle SQL Developer – User’s Guide”.  Review the document and describe at least two features that you think will be helpful in creating PL/SQL code.


Case 3: Working with More Movie Rentals

The More Movie Rentals Company wants to display a rating value for a movie based on the number of times the movie has been rented. The rating assignments are outlined in Table 1.

  1. Create a PL/SQL block to address the processing needed. The block should determine and then display the correct rental rating. Test the block, using a variety of rental amounts.