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Option 2

Option 2

In this discussion I chose option two. 

  • Identify at least two pieces of useful information about student loans that Kyle should know to ensure he borrows responsibly. Review the Student Aid (Links to an external site.) website for suggestions. The most important piece of info I would give to Kyle is, only borrow what you need. While it might seem like a good idea to have extra money at the time, all money you borrow comes at an expense. You will have to pay it back and it comes with interest payments. The other piece of helpful info I would give to him is, if you have any extra money, start putting it towards interest payments. This will keep your loan bill lower and easier to pay off over time.
  • Describe a potential repercussion of borrowing the maximum amount of available loan money. People that borrow the maximum amount have to pay that money back and with interest. You are more than likely to miss payments or be late on payments when your loan bills are higher.
  • From Module 10.1 Strategies for Success: Tips for Saving of your course textbook, select one tip that you would suggest for Kyle to use to help him reach his financial goal of going on a vacation to Hawaii. One tip I would give Kyle is to create an excel spreadsheet. Use this to keep track of your expenses. Come up with a percentage of left over money each money and put it into a savings account instead of spending it on things you don’t need. It is harder to save for a long term goal than it is to just spend money on an immediate “want”. So you have to have some will power when doing it.

I also chose this option for my discussion. Please read the above response and follow the instruction below-

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 What other strategies for financial success can you share with your classmates? What additional digital tools would you suggest or recommend to your classmates?  Post should be a minimum of 75 words