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need asap

 Reply to Ashley and Adam in at least a 100 to 200 words in length. Be sure to use your experience and research in your posts. Any source used needs a citation and a reference. 

Ashley post

The four functions of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are great fundamentals for achieving performance goals. Planning and organizing is they two I use most. Planning helps to determine which steps are necessary to implement goals and what resources are needed. I use this when compiling my workload and determining items needed to complete the job. I also tend to categorize long term assignment and short-term assignments. Organizing goes hand in hand with planning. It is generally the process by which the plans are moved closer to realization. When I organize my plans, I start by prioritizing important keynote items as well as assignments that need a quick return. When it comes to leading the focus is on managing people such as individual employees, teams and groups rather than tasks. I plan on focusing on my groups personal strengths in order to achieve optimal greatness. In this case I would be open to the second perspective on marketing. Controlling process of evaluating the execution of the plan and making adjustments to ensure that the organizational goal is achieved. Overseeing is how I would describe this. 

Adam post

The four steps are planning, organizing ,leading and controlling. In these key factor’s though they are all important in being successful, I find planning is the most important. This to me is the foundation in which all your work is based on. Without proper planning the three following will fail. In my daily routine as a supervisor I come in an hour early and plan for the next twelve hours. I try to work out all the what if’s and what might be. If planned right it makes my job so much easier for the next three stages. If i miss or fail at my planning for the day, I feel like I’m chasing myself and wondering where the time has went. Somewhere in there controlling takes affect on all that you do as well. The worst feeling as being a supervisor is when you loose control of the plant. Once gone it seems like it spreads like wild fire, everyone forgets what there doing, sometimes I wonder how they even tie their shoes in the morning. But being under control and putting one fire out at a time makes it all the easier to put things back into place. Doing this is by using your leadership skills and organization.

In response to Caitlin, comment on facts about the normal distribution Caitlin have posted, supporting your response by explaining why it captures your interest or describing how the principle can be applied in psychology and/or everyday life.

Caitlin post

While reading this week’s chapter, what stood out to be is the 68-97-99.7 rule. I think it is interesting how rarely the standard deviation will be within 4. When looking at the visual of this charts with the “bell” shape, it actually reminded me of charts we have seen recently with the current COVID pandemic. I kept hearing the term “flattening the curve” in reference to slowing down the spread of this virus. While researching a connection between the COVID virus data and normal distribution, I came across an article on path.org that states that “daily deaths per population will follow a normal distribution (a bell curve) which they fit to mortality data and social distance data from each state in the United States. This type of model can help estimate the timing and magnitude of the peak to support hospital provision planning” (Volbrecht & Slater, 2020). Unfortunately, with the growing number of cases, the virus spread no longer seems to be following normal distribution, but hopefully now with the production of a vaccine, we will start to see the numbers go down.