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Must read and know you can do before bidding.

Must read and know you can do before bidding.


Entering activity durations into Project Libre

Building A She Shed

Retrieve  the Project Libre file that you created when you layered project  activities over the WBS deliverables. Under the duration column, enter  your best estimate for activity durations for each activity. Your  resulting file should appear similar to the activity duration file for  the Office Relocation project example below:

Office Relocation Example_activity_durations.pod

Entering predecessors into Project Libre

Continuing  with the Project Libre file used in the first part of this assignment,  find the predecessor column in Project Libre. (You may need to move the  screen partition bar in the center of the screen that allows you to see  more, or less of the tables or graphical view.) Carefully consider the  logical order of activities and then enter the predecessors for each  activity. Remember that predecessor simply means “that which comes  before”—so you are using the predecessors to put project activities in  logical order. Once predecessors are in place, you can see the schedule  using the Gantt view. Also, you may click on “view” and “network” to see  the project network diagram. The office relocation project with  durations and predecessors is provided for reference as follows:

Office Relocation Example_predecessors.pod