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Ch 3 Evaluating a Company’s Environment              

LO 1  How to recognize the factors in a company’s broad macro-environment that may have strategic significance.

LO 2  How to use analytic tools to diagnose the competitive conditions in a company’s industry.

LO 3  How to map the market positions of key groups of industry rivals.

LO 4  How to use multiple frameworks to determine whether an industry’s outlook presents a company with sufficiently attractive opportunities for growth and profitability.

THIS CHAPTER 4  WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND:                                         
1. How to take stock of how well a company’s strategy is working

2. Why a company’s resources and capabilities are centrally important in giving the company a competitive edge over rivals

3. How to assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses in light of market opportunities and external threats

4. How a company’s value chain activities can affect the company’s cost structure and customer value proposition

5. How a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s competitive situation can assist managers in making critical decisions about their next strategic moves