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managing performance

managing performance

1 page- apa -managing performance – due 26 jun

In your textbook, in Chapter 2, Figure 2-1, page 42, provides an overview of the performance

management process and its associated components. There are many critical factors

that contribute to the successful implementation of a performance management system.

Failure to understand these factors can result in issues for organizations, leaders, and


Consider the scenario below and explain how each aspect of the performance

management process, as noted in figure 2-1, can be altered/addressed to ensure

employees success.


When Amal was hired on for her role as an Administrative Assistant to the Chief

Executive Officer, she was thrilled about the opportunity to work for Organization ABC.

Unfortunately, the information provided in her job description was limited. After a month

on the job, despite receiving two days of training from the person Amal replaced, Amal’s

supervisor noticed that her performance was inadequate. Amal’s current supervisor

knows that she is a phenomenal worker, based upon past employer references.

Response Items to Address

To ensure Amal’s success, and the success of future employees, what aspects of the

performance management process need revision? Also, how can future performance

management aspects be successfully addressed?


When thinking of future performance management components, focus on performance

execution, performance assessment, and performance review. When thinking about

Amal’s experience in the scenario, think about prerequisites and performance planning.