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letter of intent

letter of intent

– Create a LETTER OF INTENT for Empowerment Inc. addressing the needs of the company.

  • A letter of intent indicating your firm’s desire to prepare a proposal for this project. Your letter should discuss why your firm wants to be considered.(1 page)
  • The Letter of Intent should contain the Vendor’s name, it’s intent to respond, the name of a contact person, and the contact person’s telephone number, email, and fax number.
    (Submitting this Letter of Intent will not obligate a Vendor to submit a response but will allow the Program to send out any necessary information to interested Vendors.)

Companies requirements:


We are in need of a new, relevant, and attractive website. The main idea is for visitors to learn about the organization, and be compelled to donate and volunteer. 

Project Goals

Develop an interactive website for visitors as well as partners to learn more about the organization, give donations, register for events, become a partner.

Client Needs

  • New logo
  • This site should allow visitors to donate funds to the cause
  • sign up to volunteer for upcoming events
  • learn about the organization
  • learn about the cause
  • view pictures from events and read participant reviews,
  • view partners
  • Board of directors showcase
  • Event Count down clock
  • Donation Goal thermometer
  • Video Blog
  • Attract organizations (private schools, community organizations, and college clubs and administrators) to want to contract with us to teach basic financial literacy to their students.
    • Mailing lists?
    • News letter?
    • RSS Feed?
  • Companies website that needs updating: https://www.economicpowernow.org/