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Leadership – Apa

Leadership – Apa

3 pages- apa- due 28 jan- Leadership

Based on your experiences, current readings, work experience, education, and use of

self-assessment instruments, describe what you think your personal leadership styles

are. Include the following in your response:

 Develop an understanding of your leadership style(s).

 What is/are your style(s) and give an example of when you have applied your leadership style(s)?

 In what ways will this/these style(s) help you achieve your goals?

 Evaluate yourself relative to emotional intelligence (Goleman article) and explain how you will

expand your emotional intelligence.

 What areas of leadership styles may be shortcomings and how will you improve your leadership?


 Write an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s body, and a conclusion

paragraph to address the assignment’s guide questions. Do not address the

questions using a question-and-answer format.