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IT Infrastructure Policies

IT Infrastructure Policies

  1. Learning Objectives and Outcomes
    • Examine IT infrastructure policies.
    • Describe IT infrastructure policies based on the scenario given.
    • Scenario
      You work for a large, private health care organization that has server, mainframe, and RSA user access. Your organization requires identification of the types of user access policies provided to its employees.

      Sean, your manager, was impressed with the work you did on User Domain policies. This time, Sean is asking you to write descriptions for policies that affect server, mainframe, and RSA user access.

      Assignment Requirements
      Research policies for each affected IT infrastructure domain, and place them into a table with an introduction explaining the following questions: Who? What? When? Why? Be sure to add a conclusion with a rationale for your selections. Reference your research so your manager may add or refine this report before submission to senior management.

      Required Resources

    • None
    • Submission Requirements
    • Format: Microsoft Word
    • Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space
    • Citation Style: Your school’s preferred style guide
    • Length: 1–2 pages
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