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Intro to sociology

Intro to sociology

1.What do you think C. Wright Mills meant when he said that to be a sociologist, one had to develop a sociological imagination?

2.Describe a situation in which a choice you made was influenced by societal pressures.

3.What do you make of Karl Marx’s contributions to sociology? What perceptions of Marx have you been exposed to in your society, and how do those perceptions influence your views?

4.Do you tend to place more value on qualitative or quantitative research? Why? 

5.Does it matter what topic you are studying?

6.Which theory do you think better explains how societies operate—structural functionalism or conflict theory? Why?

7.Do you think the way people behave in social interactions is more like the behavior of animals or more like actors playing a role in a theatrical production? Why?

8.How do you think taking a sociology course might affect your social interactions?