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international relations assignments

international relations assignments

Assignment one

Pls rad the Reading 1 and answer the question in one paragraph

 What are some major events that could happen in international relations that might contribute to public opinion becoming more hesitant to engage with the rest of the world? Can you think of other events that would encourage public opinion to support increased engagement with the rest of the world? (one paragraph)

assignment 2 

pls read the reading 3 and answer this question.( one paragraph )

 1. How has globalization played a role in challenging the power of the state? In other words, which of the challenges are attributable to globalization and which are attributable to forces that may run counter to globalization, such as religion?
2. Is there an alternative to the nation-state? Are there more natural ways to organize politics? Think about alternatives that are smaller (ethnic groups, tribes, regions) and larger (multistate coalitions like the European Union or world government).
3. One way to think about the European Union is as a natural progression into larger political units. Centuries ago, Europe was a series of city-states, then slightly larger kingdoms, then larger principalities, then nation-states, and now a larger union. Can you foresee a similar evolution in any other geographic region, such as Latin America or Africa? 

assignment 3

 answer based on the reading 3 to this question briefly.( one to two paragraph)

Globalization: Vanishing State Power?

assignment 4 

 What do you expect will be the character of the twenty-first century? Peaceful? War-prone? Orderly? Chaotic? Why do you have the expectations you do, and what clues from the unfolding of world events might tell you whether your guesses are correct? (minimum of 140 words)

assignment 5 


Globalization, which is often defined as the widening, deepening, and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness in all aspects of contemporary social life, has been viewed as a key organizing principle of global politics in the post-Cold War era. Yet the concept itself is fundamentally contested and its impact on the state is hotly debated, with liberal economists, global skeptics, and transformationalists each offering competing understandings of the process. 

Contrast the perspectives on globalization offered by liberal economists, global skeptics, and transformationalists, focusing in particular on the implications of their respective viewpoints on the power and authority of the nation state. Does globalization undermine the authority and power of the nation state? Why?(500 to 700 words)

assignment 6


Can the United States and China Coexist Peacefully?(one paragraph)