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International Comparative case report

International Comparative case report

read the case i upload and read follow the instruction write a total 3 page report, 

Guiding managerial/strategy questions:

  1. As C.E.O. of Brasil Foods, how would you prioritize:
    1. Rationalizing the domestic business?
    2. Establishing new export markets? (Where? How?)
    3. Developing a single Brasil Foods culture?

 Prepare a 1-2 page written report featuring the P.E.S.T.L.E. items and managerial/strategic issues you identified through reading the case AND also relate these findings to how your understanding of France of research has been improved. Remember read the case and then write a separate page about France based on the case and these outline, you need search for a company similar with the case .

Objectives and goals 

Eliminate all trade barriers among member nations 

Follow a single currency (euro) and a regional central bank 

Firms have the benefit of:

Manufacturing high-quality, low-cost goods 

Shipping manufactured goods across the EU without paying duties or being subject to quotas 


Absorbing its eastern neighbors that could result in a giant, single European market 

Large deficits faced by several European governments 

Resulted from structural conditions and shorter-term economic pressures 

Placed pressure on the euro 

Maintaining a unified EU in the coming decades