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According to the CDC, sickle cell disease affects approximate 1 in 100,000 people in the US with the incidence being much higher in African-American births (1 in 365). Even though treatments have improved in recent years, the mortality rate for sickle cell disease remains significant and is a public health concern.

Illustrate the impact of sickle cell disease in the US.

Prepare a one-page infographic on sickle cell anemia using Word or PowerPoint. Please include any references used. The infographic should include colorful graphics. Graphics can be found on Pixabay.com

You will find information on how to prepare an infographic in Word here:

·  Here is a video demonstrating Fast and Easy Infographics with Word or PowerPoint

·  Here is an article with multiple examples of infographics to help you better understand What is an Infographic?

In this assignment you will include:

·  Important statistics about this disorder such as incidence and mortality

·  Causes, symptoms, and genetics of sickle cell disease

·  Treatments