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One focus of this unit is the different types of data-driven analytics being used to analyze today’s big data. As our book illustrates, different industries have different types of data and use that data for different strategic purposes. 

Your task for this week is to pick a company (not discussed in this chapter) and identify the different types of big data the company generates and/or collects. Discuss which data-analytic techniques the company might use to analyze their data. Also discuss which of the three IT strategy lenses the company might use with their data and analytic techniques. Be sure to provide appropriate references for the research you do (e.g., you can reference the websites where you find information about your company or reference any articles you read about it).

Chosen Company: Amazon

You can’t discuss a company that someone else has already posted about! As the week progresses, critique your classmates – do you agree or disagree with their assessment of their company?