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First, read the section on IT Project Management, paying particular attention to the three areas identified as the “triple constraints”  

Group 3:  Please address the following 3 questions:

  1. Which of the triple constraints do you think is the most important for the project of implementing an enterprise hiring system for MTC?  You should address from a project perspective not the business overall. (Note:   This is not about the hiring process itself, but the IT project to  implement the technology solution to improve the hiring process.)
  2. Explain briefly why you selected that constraint.
  3. Discuss how you would ensure that this aspect was well addressed to maximize MTC’s chance for a successful implementation.

Remember  – the Group 3 initial posting is due by Friday midnight; it should be  about two short paragraphs in length, supported by external research,  and it should be posted by clicking on “Start a New Thread”.  These  postings need to thoroughly respond to the questions and incorporate  relevant research correctly.  Please look at what has been posted by  your classmates before choosing your examples, and then select something  that has not yet been discussed, if possible. Let’s try to spread the  discussion across as many examples as possible.