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Humanities questions about Africa

Humanities questions about Africa


Homework: for next class complete the “King Leopold’s Ghost” article assignment, and make sure you are up to date with the colonial Africa textbook reading (Africa section of “Africa, Islamic heartlands, and India 1800-1945”) from the textbook

Read attached article from “King Leopold’s Ghost” and type answers to the following questions, have MS word document with your answers ready and I will have you send the assignment at the beginning of class on Wednesday 2/10. Students must use in-text citations and detail/evidence for full credit, one complete paragraph per answer.

1. Describe the conditions in the Belgian colony in the Congo.

2. Describe how indirect rule was used to manage the colony, especially through the Force Publique.

3. How did the Belgian government portray the colony to the rest of the world?

4. Describe examples of African resistance to Belgian colonialism. 

5. How did the world learn about atrocities committed in the Congo during colonialism?