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How Will You Use Statistics

How Will You Use Statistics

All posts must 100% original work. no plagiarism. During our course we have explored a number of different statistical applications and tools (Frequency distributions and graphs; Data description. Probability and counting rules; Discrete probability distributions. The normal distribution I and II. Confidence intervals and sample size. Hypothesis testing I and II; Testing differences between means, variances and proportions. Regression and Correlation). 

This week’s discussion provides you an opportunity to share some final thoughts regarding our course. Please take the time to share your perspective with us. 

1. Which resources did you like best? Why? 

2. How will you use the information in the future? This is your opportunity to consider–and then share–how you will employ the knowledge that you have gained during our course.

3. Were the discussions useful? Will they be useful for you in real life? Why or why not?