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Reading Critiques World Lit Dr. Knutson

You will be turning in Reading Critiques over the course of the semester, each over one of the major readings discussed in class. For the reading critique, YOU DO NOT WRITE A SUMMARY of the events in the story. Instead, you need to ANALYZE what you have read. In other words, you give your own personal view of what you have read. Then, you back up this view with specific events in the story to support your viewpoint.

Format: You must use 12 point font. Your critique needs to be about one or one and a half pages (1 ½) long. You want to double space. You are required to use one quotation from the text that is punctuated correctly, according to MLA. The quote has 3 parts: a) an intro tag b) the exact quote c) the citation.

Ie: According to Homer, Achilles screamed “I will kill Hector” after Patroklus’s death (Homer 920).

Also, you must use two literary words  correctly in each of your critiques. The vocabulary does not necessarily need to come from the words that week. They may come from anywhere on the list, including the list of terms referring to literary analysis including: plot, setting, character, conflict, climax, irony, foreshadowing, imagery, mood, symbol, etc.

NOTE: You must do your own work for this assignment or risk failing for plagiarism.