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Historical Element in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”

Historical Element in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”



Create a 600-700 word historical analysis essay based on one element from the William Faulkner short story “A Rose for Emily.” Provide 2 MLA format quotations – one from the short story and another from an article or website that discusses the historical nature of that element. The high scoring essay will reflect control of the topic, essay construction, MLA format, and grammar.

Writing Standard

MLA (1 inch margins, fronts only, left and right headers, double-space)

2 MLA format quotations

1 Works Cited page at the end of the essay that includes a listing for the short story (from the BIL) and from an article or website quoted in the essay.


Create your essay in MLA format and save it on your own computer. It will be uploaded to the provided assignment submission link (Canvas is connected to the “TurnItIn” area, where it will be automatically checked for plagiarism). It will be graded digitally with the grade and feedback all via Canvas. After it is graded, you will be able to pull up the document and read it with my remarks and grade.

Documents that are posted after the due date will be graded, but will not earn a revision opportunity and will have 10 points deducted for every business day late.