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Healthy Psychology Employment Opportunities

Healthy Psychology Employment Opportunities

Health Psychology Employment Opportunities Power Point. After reviewing the resources in the course materials, research the field of Health Psychology. There are  multiple facets within this field that lead to a variety of  jobs/employment venues. Using credible Internet-based resources (.org,  .edu, .gov) and scholarly journal articles, identify jobs/employment  opportunities within the field of health psychology. Choose one  job/employment opportunity as the focus of your discussion.

Include the following in your assignment:

  1. Explain the health psychology job/employment opportunity.
  2. What  type of degree or education is required for someone to hold such a  job/position? Is higher education, licensure or certification required  (i.e., bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree)? Why or why not?
  3. What  are the responsibilities of the job/position? Are there minimum  requirements? If work experience is required, is there an alternative or  work around (i.e., supervised work hours, internship, volunteering)?
  4. Describe how the biopsychosocial model aligns with this job/position. What components of the model might be involved?
  5. Investigate  local employment possibilities in your area. What is the earning  potential (salary) for this job/position? Is this a job/position you  might consider in the future? Why or why not?
  6. Reflect on what you learned in your employment research. What did you find interesting? Was anything surprising to you?
  7. What direction or trends were you able to identify as a result of your research?

Use two to three current scholarly resources to support your discussion (one of which may be the textbook).