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ens 331

ens 331

1) READ FORM 5.1 on page 89 and 90 of your text book: Barriers to Being Active Activity You will NOT TURN IN THE ANSWERS TO THIS FORM. PLEASE USE IT AS A GUIDE TO THE QUESTIONS THAT I POSE BELOW. 

2) Read Form 5.2 found on page 91-92 of your text book. Suggestions for Overcoming Physical Activity Barriers .YOU WILL ALSO NOT TURN IN THIS FORM.

3) ADDITIONAL Directions: Please describe the following on a Word Document, Pdf. or text in the Bb area option, in roughly 200 words minimum. Be sure to answer BOTH questions:

A) Which categories from page 90, if any, are barriers to being active for you? IF you don’t have any, you can state that.

B) Which suggestions from page 91-92 seem like realistic goals that might help you overcome your barriers?

C) How to submit: CLICK on the blue sentence above, where it states: ACTIVITY 3 BARRIERS TO BEING ACTIVE TO SUBMIT YOUR WORD DOCUMENT RESPONSE.