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1) Highlight the thesis in your classmate’s draft.

2) Does their thesis make it clear just what their chosen cultural artifact is?

3) Is their cultural artifact sufficiently narrow?

(ex: choosing an episode and not the whole series to focus on)

4) Does their thesis make it clear what they are saying about an aspect of their cultural artifact?


A good, potential model to build a thesis for this paper is as follows:

-WHAT is the larger message/theme of your artifact?

-HOW does your artifact reflect this?

-Implications (so what?) of this larger message/theme?

-connections to real-life, etc. ?

5) Does their thesis offer reasons to support their claim?

6) Is their thesis grounded upon connotation?

*considers indirect suggestions, social/cultural overtones, connections to real-life, implications—so what?, etc.

Reminder: Things such as a larger message/theme are results of connotative discovery. Enumerating plot points are NOT connotation, as those are in fact denotation.

7) Are the body paragraphs moving to flesh out and support the project set forth in their thesis?

Or, are they just summarizing plot points without rhyme or reason?

8) How is the conclusion looking?

9) Is there a works cited page?