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Write a 1500-word essay explaining how you plan to work on your writing this semester by building on strengths and / or overcoming challenges.  Your essay should include the following elements:


  1. Describe the current academic writing process in detail.

  2. Focus on a specific area or feature of your current process.  Find out how well this feature improves your writing in your current process or is a challenge: Is it an area of ​​strength you want to build on?  If so, how?  Does it prevent you from writing as effectively as you want?  If so, in what ways can you change this part of the process?

  3. Compare your current process with the ideas or strategies discussed in the three chapter readings (Lamott, Foley, and Summers).  Explain the writing ideas or strategies described in the articles to help you understand your own writing process and which strategies you plan to include in your writing process this semester.  be specific.