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When we talk about identity, we mean the distinct and individual personalities we have that influence our attitudes and behavior in the world- in short, identity is what gives us our personal perspective. We may be born with some traits, but we learn who and how to be in the world through our experiences.

This assignment you are going to write two separate, complete paragraphs about factors that directly influence perspective; one of them will focus on you, and the other will focus on ”Mother Tongue” 

For each paragraph, you will write a topic sentence and include enough support to show your idea fully. Each paragraph will show ONE factor has influenced perspective ( yours or the author’s); details in support of your idea will either come from your experience or from ”Mother Tongue”

Here are some example of topic sentence that would work for this assignment.

Growing up with a single parent significantly influenced how I see the world.

The poverty experienced by Lynda Barry shape her identity.

My extended family had the largest influence on my developing perspective.

The conflict with mother deeply influence Sotomayor.