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During this course, you will choose a topic of your choice and over this term build the steps to write a final research paper on that topic. Throughout the following weeks, your assignments will provide you with the necessary parts to go from the conception of your topic to the final paper.

We all know that when selecting a topic to write on, it is best to look at a variety of things: your interests, research you can find on it, timeliness, audience and the purpose. We know that the audience will be the instructor and the purpose is to provide you with the skills necessary to write a proper research paper.

For this week’s assignment, you are to select three topics that you are interested in writing your research paper on. For each topic, provide an idea journal on what you would like to research and why. Be sure to include your audience and the purpose of the topics and some initial research. Once you have completed an idea journal for each topic, decide on which topic you will continue with for the term and provide reasons why you selected that particular topic.

Writing Requirements

  • APA format
  • 3 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and 3 reference list)