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Emergency Task

Emergency Task

 we are opening a new VEGAN restaurant in California.  Implement a Distribution and Promotion strategy to expand/develop your business.  Please cover the below topics.

Note: 3 to 4 pages and 2 PPT slides too

                   Distribution Strategy 

                         1. Develop your company’s distribution strategy?

                         2. Describe channels of your distribution strategy?

                         3. Identify factors influencing your distribution strategy?

                   Promotional Strategy 


                        1. Develop the integrated marketing communications plan most relevant for your product/service and audience. 

                        2. Message strategy

                        3. Media strategy

                        4.Your public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling plan 

                        5.Your online and direct marketing plan 

                        6.Your social responsibility/cause-related marketing plan 

NOTE: For reference please use this link:

How Vegan Is Your State? : A Study Into Vegan Online Searches In Every US State Over 15 Years