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Discussion Board

Discussion Board

Introduction: Including dance and music in the curriculum

This assignment fulfills/supports

Module Outcome 1 and 2: Reflect on what they have learned in this course. Reflect on what they will take with them into their classrooms when working with young children in the area of art.

Course Outcome 2: Examine developmentally creative learning materials, experiences, and environments for children that are culturally, linguistically and ability diversed.

General Education Competency: You will have to communicate effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.


Your textbook and any other outside source you deem necessary to give a thorough and complete answer and to add to the conversation with your peers.

The Prompt

Share with us what you have learned in this course about creative activities for young children.  What information from the course will you be able to use in the future? 

*The Creative Arts: A Process Approach for Teachers and Children (5th Edition)