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Discussion 1: Identifying Arguments

Discussion 1: Identifying Arguments



Initial Post 

How many arguments can you find in the cartoon strips below? Write out the arguments that you interpret from the cartoon strips, and organize them into standard form, indicating both the stated and unstated premises and conclusions.

Here is an example of the argument from the first image: 

  • Premise: Defund the police? How is he supposed to carry all that?
  • Premise: The police must fight gang violence, drug dealers, homelessness, prostitution, domestic violence, theft, and every unexpected crisis while maintaining school security and keeping the peace in communities.
  • Unstated Premise: The police take on too many responsibilities.
  • Unstated Conclusion: Therefore, the police cannot be defunded.


Reply to Two Peers 

Read, review, and reflect on your peers’ work and learn something from the examples they provided. Reply to two of them by acknowledging a “highlight” of their work or something that was particularly helpful, by asking questions if something is unclear to you, and/or by sharing helpful and clarifying commentary.