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discussin 3

discussin 3

Choose three (3) publicly-traded companies within a single industry and access their most recent annual report (either through the company websites or the Shapiro Library). Read through the sections of the report that cover members of the board, including their composition and committees. Some may give a description of the board’s diversity while others may be more opaque. 

To the best that you are able (which could require researching > 3 companies), list the diversity composition of the board for the companies you selected. Obviously, you may or may not know if some members are from underrepresented groups.

1. List examples of the qualifications of several board members from each company. Are members highly qualified?

2. Do you think the companies you’ve selected have boards that represent the shareholder or director primacy model of governance?

3. Do you think these boards are independent enough from management to fulfill their theoretical role?

Be sure to consider our class conversation when thinking about these companies. Looking forward to your research!