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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Assignment specifications are in the attached folder. 

Report to follow this format:

 1. Introduction on assignment 1 and its tasks 

2. Description about the dataset 

3. *** Main body *** —- Repeat for each of the questions or tasks

i) Describe the question or task you are addressing   

ii) Give your answer/solution to this question or task, with clear visualization, explanation, justification, discussion, and/or analysis. ———————- 

4. Summary, conclusion, your reflection, and future work   

5. References 

6. Appendix section (say, a printout the source R code or other less important information or result you would like to include in the report) 

Please provide all of the R source codes files you have worked on and also the report in word document format. 

Thank you so much!