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Country Indonesia Analyze

Country Indonesia Analyze


Analyze the country of Indonesia. The concept of capabilities approach as developed by A. Sen and M. Nussbaum. Nobel Prize winner A. Sen has helped to make the capabilities approach the foundation of the indices created by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to measure human development. The series of indices to measure human development created by UNDP, in addition to income, includes achievements in health and education. This will be a team report. 

Your team report should not exceed 5 double-spaced pages. Remember that an essay should always include an introduction, a body, and conclusions. The following questions are provided to help you in writing your team research paper. Answer the following questions in the report:

1. Which are the most basic capabilities?  

2. Why these capabilities are important to determine human development?

3. How the Human Development Reports incorporate capabilities as they measure human development?


The report should include the following things:

  5 pages report

· Content of research report

· Amount of Information

· Organization

· Bibliography (more than 3), references, an internet sources