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Composing an E-Mail

Composing an E-Mail

Write an email with one of the following messages, observing the guidelines discussed in ”Guidelines for Using Email on the Job” (pages 120–124).

a.  You have just made a big sale, and you want to inform your boss.

b.  You have just lost a big sale, and you have to inform your boss.

c.  Inform a co-worker about a union or national sales meeting.

d.  Notify a company to cancel your subscription to one of its publications because you find it to be dated and no longer useful in your profession.

e.  Request help from a listserv about research for a major report you are preparing for your employer.

f.  Advise your district manager to discontinue marketing one of the company’s brands because of low customer acceptance.

g.  Write to a friend studying finance at a German, Korean, or South American university about the biggest financial news in your town or neighborhood in the last month.

Please prepare your response as a word processing document. Format it to look like an e-mail, with FROM: and TO: addresses and a SUBJECT: line, but please do not send it  as an e-mail. Instead, upload it through the Assignments.