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Complementary and Alternative Health DQ 2 week 4 student reply Jany Hernandez

Complementary and Alternative Health DQ 2 week 4 student reply Jany Hernandez


The following is from another student that i have to reply. 

APA, less than 10 % similarity


How can you incorporate pressure point therapies into nursing practice for pain management. Give examples.

Acupressure is a therapeutical intervention rooted in traditional Chinese medicine but also widely practiced in Korea and Japan. Acupressure can be incorporated in nursing practice for pain management. Pressure point therapies consider symptoms to be an expression of the condition of the person as a whole. Thus, sessions focus not only on relieving pain and discomfort but also on responding to disruptions before they develop into illnesses.

Jin Shin Jyutsu and Jin Shin Do it’s an effective treatment, can be applied as self-help and also by a trained practitioner, who places the fingertips over clothing on designated pressure points to harmonize and restore the energy flow. Rather than doing something to the body, Jin Shin encourages the body to “let go,” which is seen as the path to awakening one’s awareness of harmony within the self and the universe.

A session generally lasts about an hour with the client lying on a table fully clothed. The practitioner’s hands act as “jumper cables” to “kick start” the correct flow of energy. A spot on the shoulder may be held at the same time as a spot on the knee. The practitioner uses special sequences of hand positions to stimulate the circulation of energy. The touch is gentle, is steady, and never involves force. It is generally pain-free; any tenderness in a particular area is caused by a blockage and tends to dissipate as the area is held. Some people may feel hot or cold or feel a sensation in another part of the body than the one where the practitioner is working. Most people experience a sense of deep relaxation with Jin Shin Jyutsu and Jin Shin Do (Waldeck, 2011).


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